#NLC16FBLA: Middle Level Edition

On Wednesday, June 29, 2016 at 7 PM at the Georgia World Congress Center, over 12,000 high school students gathered to witness the largest NLC Opening Session FBLA has ever experienced!

Among those 12,000 students were some amazing  FBLA-Middle Level members. Here is what a few of them had to say about their experience.

The Opening Session gave us the insight as to how fun FBLA is in high school!
— Sasha G., Hemingway Middle School, South Carolina

Also from Hemingway was Carlos C., who said he “...enjoyed meeting new people and trading pins with people I would not have met if I wasn’t there!”

Kerry S. and Antonia L. from CE Murray Middle School in South Carolina loved learning what David Novak, the keynote speaker and founder and retired Chairman & CEO of Yum! Brands, had to teach about leadership. They said they learned that as leaders “...we should recognize everyone for their hard work.”

Not only did our Middle Level members love the Opening Session experience, but they also enjoyed their Middle Level Academy, an experience built just for Middle Level students to grow their leadership.

The workshops in the Academy were very inspiring!
— Raven L., Tyava M., and Niara P., Hemingway Middle School, South Carolina

Breanna M. from Florence Middle School in Alabama says, “NLC was a little scary at first because of so many people in one place, but it really helps you grow!” Some of Breanna’s favorite parts of the NLC experience were getting to compete and trade pins.

Michael S. from D.C. Everest Junior High in Wisconsin says he, “...loved the social setting [of NLC] and meeting new people at the Academy.” He also enjoyed the variety of Open Events FBLA-Middle Level members had to choose from and exploring the amazing Atlanta sites. Most importantly, Michael says that NLC has “prepared him for his FBLA-PBL adventure!”

David Jefferson from Georgia, one of the Academy staff members who helped grow our Middle Level members’ leadership, says that his favorite part about working with these young leaders was that, “Middle Level members have a ton of energy, and it was good to teach them things they can take back to their communities.”

Another Academy staff member was Curtis Haley from TRI Leadership Resources, LLC. He summed up Middle Level members’ experience in one sentence: “They’re high-energy and had a lot of fun learning how to make the world better!”

Middle Level members are FBLA-PBL’s next generation of innovative leaders who have just begun leaving their Legacies of Leadership through their #NLC16FBLA experience. After growing their skills and making lifelong connections early on, these members said NLC was the best time of their lives.