How to Create a Program of Work

One of the steps in building a strong Middle Level Chapter is to develop a Program of Work and set up committees to help complete chapter projects. The Program of Work is a written action plan consisting of goals, strategies, and chapter activities as determined by chapter officers. Chapter committees plan all activities, and since members support what they help create, each chapter member should serve on at least one standing committee.

Use the following calendar as a guide as you develop your program of work.


• Plan officer training

• Prepare program of work

• Plan pool party/cookout for officers



• Place membership recruitment posters and flyers around school; post and share about FBLA-Middle Level on social media

• Meet with local officers to prepare a recruitment drive



• Hold chapter meeting and committee sign ups

• Plan membership recruitment drive

• Develop member committees

• Submit dues to national office



• Membership deadline: October 20

• Hold chapter meeting

• Plan Emblem and Induction Ceremonies for new members

• Promote competitive events and have students begin preparing/studying


• Hold chapter meeting

• Promote American Enterprise Day

• Promote Prematurity Awareness Day/Month

• Attend Middle Level track at select National Fall Leadership Conference



• Hold chapter meeting

• Organize a community service project

• Plan a social for your chapter members

• Promote the Middle Level Achievement Program and High 5


• Hold chapter meeting

• Sponsor second semester recruitment drive

• Participate in district/regional competition


• Hold chapter meeting

• Celebrate Career and Technical Education Month

• Celebrate FBLA-PBL Week


• Membership deadline: March 1

• Middle Level Achievement Program deadline: March 1

• Hold chapter meeting

• Plan chapter trip and business tours


• Night of the Body Snatchers I & II deadline: April 1

• Hold chapter meeting

• Attend State Leadership Conference


• Plan end-of-the-year banquet

• Complete electronic scrapbook

• Elect new officers

• Sponsor pizza/bowling night


• Attend FBLA National Leadership Conference


The above is simply a beginning guide; the rest is up to your chapter! Customize a Program of Work that best fits your chapter, members, school, and community. Then, set goals, tactics, resources, a budget, and member assignments, and do follow ups/evaluations to ensure that your chapter is meeting its goals in order to become one of the best FBLA-Middle Level Chapters.

For more information and tools on how to create the best FBLA-Middle Level program of work, visit the FBLA-Middle Level Chapter Management Handbook!