Everything You Need to Know About: Fundraising

Fundraising is crucial to supporting chapter activities and expanding opportunities for your members! Below is a guide to help your FBLA-Middle Level chapter become successful in a fundraising event -

  1. Establish a fundraising committee - Appoint a student member as chairman.

  2. Meet with school administrator(s) - Discuss procedures, a fundraising calendar, and financial requirements. Don’t forget to complete forms and secure project approvals.

  3. Set a budget - Divide a budget into estimated income and estimated expenses.

  4. Choose a fundraiser - Poll members’ interests and assess their skills and availability. Consider your chapter’s activities in progress, the time of year, and school rules and regulations.

  5. Set a date - Try not to conflict with other community or school fundraisers. Clear your date with your school.

  6. Reserve a location - Delegate tasks to committees and keep track of expenses.

  7. Promote your fundraiser - Post  flyers throughout the school and community. Promote your event through social and local media outlets.

  8. Track participation - Incentivize students by setting up accounts where a percentage of profits go toward their conference travel expenses.

  9. Hold fundraiser - Have fun!

  10. Turn in funds - Have the chapter treasurer or adviser collect the money by a specific date. Retain receipts for your records.

  11. Tie up loose ends - Review receipts and deposit slips, pay bills, and thank participants and sponsors.

  12. Evaluate the event - Discuss logistics and begin planning for next year.


There are also a number of other funding sources available to help your chapter meet its goals if you're looking for other things besides fundraising events -

  1. School Funding - Request funding from your school or business department. Note: Some schools may not offer funding.

  2. Donations - Ask local businesses for donations, including food, prizes, cash, or anything that can help with projects.

  3. Sponsorships - Scout sponsors for events and trips. Offer to add their name in recognition to your next banquet or event program.

  4. Local Dues Member Contributions - Consider charging local dues to offset chapter expenses. Members also may be asked to pay part or all of their conference costs.

  5. Adviser compensation - Some advisers can be reimbursed for conference expenses. Reimbursements can offset the chapter’s overall estimated expenditures.

  6. Special Funding Pool - Some states provide special funding to new and existing chapters. Compensation also may be available from the FBLA-PBL state office to students attending the NLC.

If you are looking for some more creative ways to fund raise, here are some ways for you to find what is best for you -

  1. Look to other school organizations for inspiration - Your chapter can collaborate with another organization at your school, or there could be an idea another organization no longer uses that your chapter can benefit from.

  2. Look to other chapters for ideas - CONNECT with other chapters, and share ideas! Who knows what works best for FBLA-Middle Level chapters than other FBLA-Middle Level chapters themselves?!

  3. Search online and on social media for ideas - There are great resources that can help you find what's best for your chapter!

  4. Keep an open mind - No idea is too crazy when it comes to fundraising; what sounds extremely impossible could be what makes your chapter the money it needs to be successful!

  5. Tailor ideas to your chapter - Whatever idea(s) your chapter decides to utilize, make sure it fits your chapter’s and community’s abilities and interests!