A Breakdown of the MAP

The Middle Level Achievement Program (MAP) gives middle school and junior high students the recognition they deserve for building their leadership skills and expanding their knowledge of business terms, vocabulary, and concepts.

Here is a breakdown of what each level of MAP consists of -

Level 1: Entrepreneur Level—Focus on basic business skills, introduction to community service, and FBLA-Middle Level involvement at the local level.

Level 2: Business Level—Build on Level 1 activities and get more involved in chapter activities, develop intermediate business skills, and become leaders in the community.

Level 3: Enterprise Level—Sharpen chapter and leadership activities, advance business skills, and increase visibility through community and school leadership activities.

Advisers assign the MAP activities to students. After the activities are completed and verified by the local chapter adviser, the entries and supporting documentation are submitted to the national center.

Upon successful completion, middle and junior high students receive pins as recognition for their accomplishments. Pins for Level 1 and Level 2 are sent to the local chapter adviser. The adviser can recognize the students at a local awards ceremony or at a local FBLA-Middle Level event. Pins for Level 3 will be sent to the state chairman or adviser to award at the district or the state leadership conference.

Here are some tips to completing your MAP Levels and getting the most out of the experience -

  1. Use trustworthy sources - as you may hear in school all the time, not everything on the internet is true! Use sources with accurate information.

  2. Ask members who have completed a MAP level for advice - find ways to complete an activity in a fun, innovative way by talking to other members

  3. Use your time wisely - MAP will take time to complete so make sure you allow yourself enough time to get everything done by the deadlines.

  4. Do things you are interested in - if one of your activities is to volunteer, volunteer at an organization whose work you enjoy. If you have to write a report on a business career, choose a career you may be interested in.

  5. Learn - you will learn a lot of information while completing MAP so do your best to absorb and retain the information for your future.

Completing MAP Levels is also a great way to prepare for FBLA’s BAAs and PBL’s CMAP. Speak with your adviser and look online at http://www.fbla-pbl.org/middle-level/membership-benefits/education-curriculum/achievement-program to learn more about MAP.