Introduction to FBLA-Middle Level

Welcome to the fastest growing division: FBLA-Middle Level. With more than 20,000 members nationwide, FBLA has exploded at junior high and middle schools. Members participate in a variety of activities including job shadow programs, community service projects, and American enterprise projects. Members even earn recognition on the local, state, and national levels!

FBLA-Middle Level prepares junior high students for futures as leaders in the business world. Through this program, students have the opportunity to compete, travel, get involved in the community, and build confidence just as the students in high school do, but from as young as 5th grade. Through competitive recognition, career exploration programs, and membership recognition, junior high students prepare for their high school FBLA experience. This program has truly made an impact on students’ lives.

As more and more communities have begun adding Middle Level chapters, more and more opportunities become available for the expansion of FBLA-PBL! Middle-Level members are more likely to join at the high school and college level because they are already familiar with the competitive events and membership programs. As with any situation, their previous experience becomes valuable. The students are more comfortable at big conferences and know how to prepare for competition.

It helps you meet new people and it sort of pushes you to learn more.
— Aaron from Ohio FBLA-Middle Level

It’s really awesome, it’s fun, you learn so much, and it’s really putting me ahead… It rocks! It’s the funnest organization I’ve been in, ever.
— Kerrigan from Wisconsin FBLA-Middle Level

As the program continues to expand, it touches an increasing number of students. It’s truly the best way to help prepare 5th - 9th grade students for success in high school.