Founded by award-winning architect Anthony Hayden in 1958, the Hayden Collective is one of the most respected architectural and interior design firms in the world.


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Launchpad Incubator

A selective entrepreneurial incubator for students with a Minimum Viable Product or Established Business Plan. If you already have a business but want to see it grow, this is the program for you!

Launchpad Academy

An introduction to entrepreneurship open to all FBLA members. No prior entrepreneurial experience required!


Open Positions

Senior Architect

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Design Intern

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Portraits by Sarah Deragon

Partner, Architecture

Partner, Operations

Partner, Design



Nick Cage
Senior Architect, Google

Willy Loman
Manager, SalesLoft

Gordon Ramsey
Consultant, McKinsey

John Cena
Lead Programmer, SpaceX

Jon Snow
Lawyer, DLA Piper

Jim Halpert
Sales Rep, Apple

Dwight Schrute
Lead Programmer, Microsoft

You get it by now

Lucas Fletcher

Amir Thakur
Business Development

Santiago Roy
Business Development

Odell Tyner
Business Development

Tom Hogan
IT Manager

Angelica Erickson
Office Manager

Falcon9 Launching.jpg