Social Media Spotlight

Social media platforms are a key way that many organizations and companies spread their messages to the masses, and FBLA-PBL is certainly no exception. From the FBLA Connect blog, to the National Center social media pages and the Social Media Ambassadors, we offer numerous platforms where you can get all things FBLA right at your fingertips!

FBLA Connect

This is the National FBLA blog, where Social Media Ambassadors write articles to educate FBLA members around the world about all the opportunities that are available to them, like Business Achievement Awards and Community Service Awards.

National Center Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

FBLA uses its various social media accounts to push out information and various stories of chapter success every day. On these pages, you can find conference information, important deadlines and events, and spotlights for business leaders everywhere!

Social Media Ambassadors

This program is a wonderful way for students to gain experience with social media, graphic design, writing, and more! They are selected for every membership year and operate until the National Leadership Conference, where the NLC Social Media Ambassadors take over.

All of these platforms have greatly assisted FBLA in spreading the message of the importance of career technical student organizations to people near and far in recent years, and will continue to be an integral part of how FBLA conducts daily business.

As a member of the National Social Media Ambassadors team for the 2018-19 year, I have written many articles on various topics throughout the year, promoted FBLA with my own social media accounts, and worked alongside a team of 12 other ambassadors to showcase each of our special skills, mine being writing. Experience on this team has benefited me in spades, giving me experience working with other people virtually and in person, and has opened many doors to continue succeeding in the future.

To anyone who is considering applying to be a National Social Media Ambassador for the next membership year: take the leap of faith! I did, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This experience has molded me into a better leader and I am forever thankful for the time I have spent promoting FBLA this past year and for all the connections and networks I have developed.

I encourage all of you to stay connected with FBLA through the national blog and social media accounts throughout your FBLA journey. It will most definitely show you things you didn't know before.