2019 National Leadership Conference - Preparation Plan

Are you headed to San Antonio this June for a chance at a national level award with FBLA? For the hundreds of student across the globe currently planning to win big at the National Leadership Conference, studying and preparation is essential! The social media ambassadors at FBLA Connect have created a tentative study/preparation guide to keep you on track in the months leading up to your visit to San Antonio. Follow these benchmarks and you are putting yourself in the best position possible for success!



If you haven’t already, make sure you start preparation and don’t lose the study material you learned for your state conference. Each month is broken down into main event type:

All events: Take advantage of the resources around you; get study material from your teachers, order textbooks or review material from the library/online, and review the competencies on your FBLA event page.

Objective tests: Make your flash cards! This is the perfect month to begin preparing your study material for review in the coming weeks and update your material from your SLC. Make sure to analyze each competency on the FBLA competition page for your event to cover all essential material.

Presentation: Check your score sheet! Each presentation event may receive a judges’ scoring sheet from your SLC performance, which tells you exactly what you need to improve. Script out your presentation if you have not already so that you can focus on other aspects, such as nonverbal communications, while presenting. Connect with advisors and others to review your presentation.

Objective/Impromptu Performance: Watching online videos of successful performances is essential. Identify the positive and negative aspects of each presentation and build these into your own practices. Refer to objective test section.


All events: Continuing reviewing! If possible, organizing a practice workshop can be helpful for all students to prepare, and will help your peers keep on track as well. Talk to your chapter advisor about competition workshops where students can take a timed practice test or give their presentation to an audience and receive feedback.

Objective tests: Review is key. After studying flashcards and reading other material as suggested by past successful scorers or you event guidelines, take timed practice tests. Timing is a major issue for most test takers, and if you are used to the pace of the test you can focus on the content for the real thing. Taking practice tests now will also give you plenty of time to go over each question you missed and create question-specific flashcards to cover that material.

Presentation: Getting in front of an audience will work wonders! It is essential to give your presentation in front of an audience as early as possible and be open to constructive feedback. If there are major changes peers or advisors suggest, you want to have ample time to implement them. Give your presentation to as many groups as possible in different conditions to ensure you can be ready for any situation NLC throws at you.

Objective/Impromptu Performance: You should begin to run practice competition simulations at this point. You (and your team, if you have one) should time scenarios that you find online for your competition or ask a trusted advisor/past competitor to make for you, and present your solutions in timed practices to mock judges. Reviewing flashcards will also be essential - you want to use as many correctly specific terms in your verbal solutions as you can! Refer to objective test section as well.


All events: All hands on deck! Timed practice and continuous review are what will bring you to the top of the scoring charts!

Objective tests: Cover every online practice test you can! Creating additional questions for yourself to study throughout the month is another techniques past winners have used. If you have not obtained one, check your local library or online for a textbook in a related subject, and read specific chapters on topics that you feel you need more support in. The more specific knowledge you obtain, the better you will score!

Presentation: Master the nonverbal communications of your presentation. By this point, you should be able to recite your presentation in your sleep! What will make or break the scoring at NLC is the nonverbal communications and other elements of the presentation. If you are allowed professional materials for display during the presentation, make sure you have crafted the best you can offer. Review your scoring rubric again to cover all aspects of the event.

Objective/Impromptu Performance: Become an expert at applied terms! Most teams at NLC will be able to effectively solve the problem at hand, but doing so in the most professional and specific manner is key. Wow the judges with coordinated terminology, matched professional attire, and coordinated team movements/structure. Preparing everything you possibly can before you walk into you event room is essential: foot movements for speakers, assigning introductory and concluding parts, and team introductions.

Good luck at the National Leadership Conference!

Matthew WernekenComment