Fundraising for Nationals: Why, When, and How

Students in FBLA across the country have been preparing for months to compete at State Competition - running through mock competitions with their peers, using hundreds of rating sheets, making sure that their presentations will be spot on and their test scores will be nothing less than an ace.

Now it’s the big day: you’ve finally made it to state! You passed district and regional competitions, and now you’re on the big stage. The announcer says the name of your event over the loudspeakers, listing off the finalists, when your name is called! You rush backstage and then emerge to accept your award in front of your friends and your state. Finally, you’ve made it to nationals! But some FBLA members don’t get that chance. Lack of funding in some school systems and the inability to pay out-of-pocket for the transportation and lodging that comes with the National Leadership Conference keeps even our best and brightest members from reaching their full potential.

Why Should You Fundraise?

The answer to this question is simple: community involvement! The more you attempt to fundraise in your community, the more questions you will be asked. Questions are a great chance to raise awareness about the message of FBLA in your school. You can explain to those you are asking for donations from what FBLA means to you so that everyone can understand the true impact FBLA has on communities at-large.

When Should You Fundraise?

Timing is key when asking for funding for your trek to the National Leadership Conference! In most cases, the sooner you start fundraising, the better outcome you will generate. After your state’s conferences, you will have a full list of awards your chapter and chapter members received, which can be used as a great tool of leverage. This list can demonstrate the success of your chapter and provide an incentive for businesses and individuals to give back to the community.

When planning your fundraisers, try to not host one at the same time another school organization is hosting one. This can create conflict of interest among the community, who may feel they can only donate to one cause or who may be on a budget and can only donate so much to FBLA.

How Can You Fundraise?

Fundraising can be as simple or as complicated as you would like to make it, but every fundraiser needs two key components: promotion and enjoyment! Promoting your fundraiser in your community, spreading the reasons why you are fundraising, and explaining how those in your community can help you reach your goals is very important to the fundraiser’s success. Enjoyment could mean that those who want to donate to you may participate in some sort of game or drawing for a prize basket or other items. Sometimes, fundraisers don’t have to be just at your school, especially if you live in an urban or suburban community! Doing door-to-door fundraisers can be highly successful and may generate plenty of funds for your cause, but this should never be done without an adult. When hosting a fundraiser, always check with your school administration beforehand to ensure you won’t be in violation of a school policy.

Us at FBLA wish you the best of luck in fundraising and finding new ways to Create, Lead, and Inspire at the 2019 National Leadership Conference in San Antonio this June & July!

Jackson OlmsteadComment