Running for Office: The Essentials

Running for any office, including an FBLA position, can be a lot of work, and even be downright stressful at times. But, there is hope for all of you who desire to be lead in a position that requires a lot of effort to attain! Using these key essentials can ease the stress of working on composing the perfect campaign for the office you want to run for.

Message, Message, Message!

The repetition of the word message as the title of this section is not by mistake! Your message is crucial to the success of your campaign! Potential voters will take your message back to their chapter members and decide who supports their values the best, so you must be able to explain your message with confidence to those who ask.

Communication is Key

Your ability to communicate with other candidates, your campaign team, and voters is important to how successful your run for office will be. You must explain to your team how they should approach potential voters, the guidelines based on the work they will be doing, and ensure they fully understand the message you are trying to convey. You and those who are helping you must speak clearly and explain thoroughly the important pieces of your campaign.

Cater To Multiple Groups, Not Just One

Your campaign as a whole shouldn’t just focus on one group of people, but should rather focus on everyone. FBLA is a large group of diverse individuals who can’t all relate to the same things, so you should try and direct different parts of your campaign to those who can relate to different things.

Be Presentable

While this seems like a broad statement, it is quite simple to do. How you present yourself to others is important because it can tell them whether you truly believe in your campaign platform, if you are nervous, or if you truly have invested time and interest in making your campaign successful. Be sure that you are dressed cleanly and neatly and are following the FBLA-PBL dress code.

While these things may seem difficult to accomplish, don’t fret! It seems difficult when you first begin the planning of a campaign, but once you compose your message and team, you will find it’s a lot easier than it seems from the outside! Running for an office is highly competitive, so try to not put too much stress on yourself! If you need help developing your campaign, ask a current or former officer for tips on how to make yours successful!

Jackson OlmsteadComment