FBLA Successes During Prematurity Awareness Month

Prematurity Awareness Month has come to a close! FBLA has seen a very successful month across the nation in participation with our national service partner, March of Dimes. Here are a few highlights of the past month and the successes Future Business Leaders had in supporting mothers and premature babies across the world:

“Purplizing” World Prematurity Day!

World Prematurity Day was on November 17 this year. We saw thousands of FBLA students wear purple on social media to support the March of Dimes and raise awareness. When it comes to serving, raising awareness for a cause is the most impactful action one can take. Through World Prematurity Day and the upcoming 2019 March for Babies, FBLA is looking to make this school year’s efforts the most impactful we have yet!

Local Chapter Efforts

Chapters across the US worked in drives and events to give the March of Dimes the support it needs to make change. Through social media, you can find tons of awesome drives and events that went on to push the cause. I was excited to work on a Prematurity Awareness Drive in my own school with National March of Dimes Director Ethan Ghozali, where we raised over $120 in one day just from collecting coins! Ethan talks a bit about some local efforts in a spotlight here:

“This year Palm Harbor University High School FBLA in Florida organized our first ever March of Dimes event. Through the last week of Prematurity Awareness Month, donation jars were placed in classrooms across the school. The walls were covered with purple posters and our lunchtime booth distributed fliers to inform students on the realities of premature birth and infant mortality.

“We were also able to connect with local businesses such as Chick-Fil-A in order to receive coupon donations that we were able to give out to students who wore purple for Prematurity Awareness Day. By the end of our project we had raised over $250 in one week for our local March of Dimes chapter from spare change alone. Overall, the event was a success for PHUHS FBLA and a tradition we will carry out for years to come.”

Supporting the March on Social Media

If you aren’t following the March of Dimes on social media already, get to it! You will find news, personal and heart-touching stories, and important advice on how to get involved everyone on their Instagram and Twitter accounts. FBLA has many members and activists posting and supporting the cause through social media and articles like this one! The most important thing everyone in FBLA can do to support the cause is make people aware of it!

You can find them on Instagram and Twitter at @marchofdime

A recent post on the MoD Instagram sharing exciting news on the PREEMIE Reauthorization and Preventing Maternal Deaths Act

Working Towards our 500K GOAL

The Future Business Leaders of America plan to raise five-hundred thousand dollars for the March of Dimes by the end of this academic year! That’s a big number for a big cause, and every effort throughout the year - like the awesome school fundraisers and social media support - makes a difference in helping us get there. While we don’t know how far the whole nation is after November, we know we’re well on our way! We don’t have to be in a month or season for the fundraising to continue, though; promote March of Dimes to family, friends, and your local chapter and FBLA will be smashing that goal by the end of the year.

Keep Supporting!

While the results of Prematurity Awareness Month were impressive, FBLA and the March of Dimes are just getting started! The largest fundraiser of the year is fast approaching in Spring 2019, where March of Dimes season kicks in and dime drives are run in organizations everywhere. If your chapter missed the opportunity to make an impact with our service partner this time, keep on the lookout for the Spring season!

Matthew WernekenComment