5 Places to Eat at NFLC Chicago

As NFLC Chicago approaches this Friday, November 2nd, attendees will arrive from across the country, many of whom have never been to the Windy City before! To prepare you for your time in Chicago, the FBLA Social Media Ambassador team is doing the research for you to make sure you find the best experiences at the Conference. Here are some places to eat you don’t want to miss!

1. Grab an infamous Rainbow Cone

Just down the road from Hilton Chicago, where the National Fall Leadership Conference hosts FBLA members, is the original rainbow cone. A special of Chicago since 1926, this is a must-have sweet treat. The shop is open every day of the week, so you won’t have an issue finding a time to get a cone, and you can’t get this one anywhere else in America!

2. Don’t miss authentic Chicago-style pizza

If you can only get one meal at NFLC, make it pizza! Chicago is home to a unique and world-famous style of pizza, aptly named after the city itself. Chicago-style pizza is deep-dish that was born and is best made in the heart of the city. There is no shortage of pizzerias right by Hilton Chicago, with many other styles if deep-dish isn’t your thing. We recommend Aurelio’s or Lou Malnati’s for closeby locations and authentic Italian pizza.

3. Snack vegan at Lav’s Bake Bar

A lot of students today are vegan - we have you covered! Lav’s Bake Bar has some delicious snacks for on-the-go, and are sure to accommodate gluten and refined-sugar free diets, while keeping their ingredients organic. Fuller meals are offered at other nearby locations like Sweetgreen or Veggie Grill for anyone who is looking for a dinner or lunch option.

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4. Eat a Chicago Devil Dawg

Chicago isn’t just famous for the pizza! Hot dogs are another all-American tradition, and Chicago puts its own spin on the classic at Devil Dawgs. They offer just about any toppings or style you can think of, and they won’t break your bank to do it. If course, they have other options like sides, sandwiches, shakes and veggie burgers. Devil Dawgs is only a block away from the Hilton, but they also partner with services like Grubhub and Delivery.com to help you with a good meal when you can’t go out to eat.

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5. Get coffee at Peet’s

For the coffee fanatic, Peet’s Coffee has you covered. Also a short walk from the Hilton, a quick morning trip may boost your day and offer another baked treat. Peet’s is known for tea as well as coffee, and has been perfecting their craft since 1966. Other similar breakfast options include Luna Cafe or the classic East Coast Dunkin Donuts nearby.

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