How to Maximize your NFLC Experience

As the 2018 National Fall Leadership Conferences approach, Future Business Leaders nationwide are excited to learn and have an all-around amazing experience at their NFLC! To help you prepare for your upcoming Fall Leadership Conference, the Social Media Ambassador team has gotten together some of the best advice from past attendees and FBLA officers for you to maximize your time at the conference.

Mind your Mindset!

When attending a conference like NFLC in Chicago, Albuquerque or Charlotte, students can get overwhelmed or distracted by everything going on around them. Go into the Conference ready to Create, Lead and Inspire, and tackle every workshop and experience you want while you can! There’s no time to waste at an event so full of opportunities as a National Fall Leadership Conference, and no better group of leaders to experience it with than the FBLA community from across the nation. Make sure you keep in-the-know with the NFLC Guide while you’re there!

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Take Advantage of Workshops

Workshops are the best way to get all of the essential training and knowledge from the businesspeople and leadership behind FBLA and America’s successes to you. Presenters at FBLA National Fall Leadership Conferences will blow your mind with tips and advice for improving your practices. Officers behind these workshops aim to help you with your own careers, but also to help you take back ideas to your chapters and improve your FBLA community through these experiences. Make sure to always have a notebook and pen on you at NFLC to jot down the best ideas you gather, and business cards if you have them!

Networking is Your Friend

Members of FBLA are always hearing about networking and what you should do at major events like NFLC to put yourself in the best relationships for the future. But how do you network? Just talk! The more people you get in contact with, get the business card of (or hand yours to), and simply make friends with, the more people that may open up your next great opportunity! There is no shortage of impactful leaders and Future Business Leaders at these events, so take advantage and stay in contact. Even if you don’t open up an internship, you will have a much larger support base to give you ideas for your chapter and academic/business careers going forward.

NFLC may be a 2-day event, but you can make it have a lasting impact through the people you meet, and they are looking to do the same! Look for the upcoming “Networking Tips” on FBLA Connect for more ideas, help, and motivation.

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Ask Questions! Ask for Advice!
There is no better place to learn to lead than a hub of hundreds of students and leaders from across the nation. You don’t have to know someone well to ask them a question about how they run their chapter or lead in their community. Unlocking the potential of Future Business Leaders around you is what Fall Leadership Conferences are all about.

Do you want to run for a state or national officer position soon? There will be state and national FBLA officers at every NFLC to guide you along that path and give you the inside scoop on how to make a successful campaign. Want to get your chapter involved with March of Dimes or another service project? Ask about getting in contact with national MoD or service directors, or see what workshop leaders can tell you about getting an event organized in your community!

Make a Good Impression

Of course, you have to make a good impression to have a successful NFLC and pull off these tips. Dress to impress and practice business introductions and etiquette with your travel friends to be ready for any opportunity that comes your way this Fall.


Pay Attention to Social Media!

Social media is one of the most important tools of our generation, and it’s important to stay in communication. FBLA uses Instagram and Twitter to make regular announcements through its official page and the FBLA Social Media Ambassadors each make important posts with information on NFLCs and national projects. Make sure to follow them, and pay attention to your NFLC-specific pages while you’re at the Conference. You might even find some activities you didn’t know about in the city from #NFLC while you’re there!

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