Tyler Wylie Interview

Tyler Wylie is a student alum of Akron High School in Colorado. He placed first in Future Business Leader at the 2018 National Leadership Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Tyler agreed to sit down with FBLA NLC Social Media Ambassador Olivia Sis to discuss his experience competing in Future Business Leader.

Why did you choose to compete in Future Business Leader?

I chose to compete in Future Business Leader because other students from my school were always very competitive in it at the national level. After reviewing the project guidelines, I felt that it was a good fit for me.  

Would you describe how the event works?

At the national level, the first part of the competition is the test (besides the prejudged materials).  When I competed, we all took the test at the same time on laptops that were provided by FBLA. Then, there are preliminary and final-round interviews.  

How did you prepare to compete in Future Business Leader at the National Leadership Conference?

To prepare for nationals, I mainly focused on reviewing information for the FBLA knowledge test. There are many great resources online to help you study (Quizlet, previous FBLA tests, national study guides). I also made final adjustments to my résumé and cover letter. In addition to that, I completed several mock interviews put together by my FBLA adviser.

Did your involvement in FBLA give you a competitive edge in this event? If so, how did it aid you?

FBLA involvement is huge in Future Business Leader. By being heavily involved in FBLA, I was able to show my ability to serve as the next leader of young business people. I think it is of utmost importance to always draw on FBLA experiences during the interview.

What did you enjoy most about competing in Future Business Leader, and what did you find most challenging?

My favorite part of Future Business Leader was the interviewing. I have always loved interviewing, and I enjoy being involved in them. On the other hand, I found studying for the knowledge test to be the most difficult part. With there being so many resources online and so much to know about FBLA, it can seem overwhelming to try to study it all.  

Out of the three aspects of this event, the résumé and cover letter, the test, and the interview, what do you feel is the most important when it comes to competing?

The part of the competition that is worth the most points is the interview, so it is crucial to rock it.  However, at such an elite level, you have to perform virtually flawless in all parts to become a national champion. I have been told that the top ten are often only separated by small differences in the test score, so do not give precedence to any one part of the competition. 

What have you gained from competing in Future Business Leader?

Competing in Future Business Leader has given me a sense of accomplishment while also helping me reinforce some very crucial life skills, like personal marketing (résumés and cover letters) and interviewing. 

Are you able to utilize the skills you gained from this event in your life now that you’ve graduated high school?

Of course! The skills that are practiced in Future Business Leader are skills you will use for the rest of your life, no matter what you do. 

What kind of FBLA members would you recommend for this event?

I recommend that juniors and seniors with significant FBLA experience compete in Future Business Leader. I feel that you are able to best compete when you have gained FBLA and real-life experience in business, so that is why I would not recommend it to younger students.  

What advice would you give to FBLA members competing in Future Business Leader?

The best advice that I could give anyone is to just be yourself and have fun at nationals. Do not get overwhelmed for the interview, just relax and answer all the questions with confidence. Remember, you are at a very high level with elite competition, but don’t be scared; just do what you can do and be proud of yourself at the end of the day just for having the opportunity to compete.  

Thank you Tyler!

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