College Visits

Looking for a productive way to spend your time this summer? Consider taking a college visit to schools you may be considering. By doing so, you can learn a great amount about what you consider most important to your college experience.  Here is some more information about college visits and how they can benefit you.

What is a college visit?

A college visit is comprised of visiting a college, touring its facilities, talking to staff and faculty, and exploring housing arrangements. It can be in the form of an official tour with other interested individuals, or it can be a self-guided tour of the campus.

What can be learned from a college visit?

College visits can be very useful to you. You can learn relevant information that is only available through an in-person tour of the campus. For instance, you could visit the dorms and dining halls. You could also talk to current students and professors to learn more about the educational process. You might even get the chance to sit in a real college class to get a sense of how classes are structured and conducted. While there, you could also discover all of the activities and traditions that students can be involved in. These activities shape the campus spirit and atmosphere, and can really provide a great insight about the college.

How can college visits benefit you?

Admissions officers view college visits positively because they demonstrate your curiosity and investment in the college. A visit can also provide useful information about the admissions process. You can find out more about what that college expects from its applicants. With this information, you can take the appropriate actions to make yourself a more competitive applicant in the admissions process.

Of course, visits are often taken by juniors or seniors in high school to schools the student is strongly considering applying to. However, there is value to taking a trip as an underclassman or even to a school that you aren’t considering. You can get a feel for what you most want in your dream school and what you’re willing to sacrifice. There are many variables - such as campus location, student diversity, a strong alumni network - that come into play when listing your priorities. Starting visits early allows you to be more comfortable later on during the sometimes stressful decision process.