Are You LinkedIn?

Most of us use social networking services every day to connect with the world. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat have become a means of entertainment and access to news that we share with our friends and family. But even though we thoroughly enjoy our social media accounts, they don’t serve much use to us in the college and professional worlds. These forms of social networking are generally informal and are not outlets associated with establishing professional contacts. Luckily, one networking service was made specifically for professional networking and career opportunities. This business-oriented service, known as LinkedIn, is used by over 400 million students and professionals from all industries. Users of LinkedIn are able to connect with other users over careers, industries, job opportunities, resumes, and skills. The interactions and advancements through LinkedIn are conducted in a professional manner and effectively serve the needs of many who hope to advance their careers. Here is more information about LinkedIn and how it can benefit you.

What exactly is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking service geared towards the business community. It is recognized by almost every college and employer.

What can be done on LinkedIn?

As an user, you create your own personal page, similar to creating a Facebook page or a Twitter account. The only difference is that on LinkedIn you can list professional information such as your work experience, certifications, education, volunteer work, skills, honors, and awards. On LinkedIn, you build your professional identity to market yourself to colleges or employers. Thus, every picture and fact is professional. You can  interact with other users and find out about new ventures, job or volunteer opportunities, and organizations to be apart of.

How can LinkedIn benefit me?

LinkedIn it is a great tool to expand your business network and to market yourself professionally. Networking is everything in any business and industry. Through LinkedIn, you have the ability to reach out to other students, coworkers, and employers. Positive relationships can be formed with these contacts and they might result in some great opportunities. You can also share a lot about your professional career on your account. By displaying your accomplishments, education, and passions, you can greatly enhance your reputation among peers and institutions. This goes a long way, because an impressive professional image attracts colleges and employers.


Overall, this social networking service can prove to be very favorable to you. It can make you stand apart when it comes to any professional setting. While LinkedIn might not be as exciting and entertaining as Snapchat or Twitter, it is a good tool to invest in for your future and can lead to many opportunities that you would not want to miss out on. So take advantage of this service today!