Benefits of a Summer Job

The 2015-2016 school year is coming to a close and summer is quickly approaching. While summer is definitely a time to relax after a year of hard work in school and in FBLA, it can also be a time to learn some valuable skills through new experiences. One way to learn these skills is through a summer job. At first glance, the idea of spending part of your summer working at a cash register or mowing lawns doesn’t seem like the most fulfilling way to learn valuable skills. But to the contrary, the act of working any type of job bestows you with responsibility and fosters interpersonal skills. Here are some of the main reasons why a summer job can benefit you this summer.

  • Exposes you to responsibility - Any job comes with responsibility. Whether it’s coming to work on time or carrying out your work obligations, you are constantly accountable for many duties on the job. Dealing with real life responsibilities now can prepare you the demanding tasks and commitments in college.
  • Develops your interpersonal skills - It is more likely than not that a summer job will involve some type of communication with others. This communication might be between customers, your fellow employees, or your boss. Your job might depend on your ability to effectively interact with others. Thus through your job, you have the opportunity to improve your interpersonal skills. You could learn how to address large groups of people, deal with conflicting parties, and use formal language. These skills can translate into success in other real world situations and even in FBLA events!
  • Provides you with an income - With a job, you will earn your own independent income. This money can be used to help pay for college tuition or other expenses. Earning an income can also improve your budgeting and financial skills as you learn how taxes work and learn how to properly divide money for saving and spending.
  • Leads to networking opportunities - A job is a great way to establish new contacts. You can develop sustaining friendships between your coworkers and bosses. These contacts could prove useful in the future when you enter in college and the business world.
  • Enhances your resume - Holding a job while in high school can speak volumes about your character. It can reflect your diligent and independent nature as you take on greater responsibilities. Therefore, working a summer job can benefit your resume and look impressive to colleges and other employers because it demonstrates many favorable traits about yourself.