College Internships

Getting an internship that corresponds with your major while in college is a great way to acquire real world experience and to establish new contacts. If you decide to pursue a business internship, you will get the chance to work alongside businesswomen and men. You will observe the daily tasks of a business professionals, take on real responsibilities in that company, and learn more about that particular industry. By networking with professionals from your internship, you have the opportunity to ask them for advice for future jobs. Best of all, those same people might even decide to hire you later on if you impress them with your character and work ethic!

Overall, internships hold great benefits for any young adult. Many companies recruit students on their college campuses to intern with them. Talk to an adviser at your college for career fair dates. Some internships are paid! So, don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Listed below are tips on how to succeed at your college internship.  

Search for dates that companies will visit your campus to offer internships. Your hometown might also have businesses that are willing to hire. Don’t discriminate just because a company doesn’t have a big name -- experience in any place is very valuable.
Research the institutions you are applying to. Understand their products/services, read about their background, and learn more about their industry. You will be able to better understand their values and processes.  It will also make you more informed and competent during interviews. Any old opportunity isn’t always the right fit so be sure that you are comfortable with the information you have learned.If you think you will fit in and be challenged, apply!
Show what you can do for the business, not what they can do for you. Whether you decide you apply for an internship at a financial firm, a startup, or a medical facility,  be sure to show hard work and passion in your responsibilities. By doing so, you prove to be dedicated and driven. These characteristics create a good reputation that will follow you for years to come.