Entrepreneurship Q&A

As a member of Future Business Leaders of America, you’ve probably thought about, well, being a business leader in the future -- but have you ever thought about becoming one today? Joshua B. from Iowa has done just that. Joshua runs his own small business while still participating in FBLA, readying himself for his future career. His business, Crested Climbers, sells geckos to customers online. Joshua also serves as State Parliamentarian for Iowa FBLA.

How did your business get started?

Joshua: I got into the gecko business as an 8th grader. I had shown interest to my 8th grade social studies teacher, Mr. Lueders, about the area of entrepreneurship. Mr. Lueders later offered for me to begin working for his own gecko business. After about a year and a half of working with and taking care of geckos on a large scale (200+ geckos), Mr. Lueders chose to sell the business. Almost immediately after hearing the news, I asked what it would cost me to buy a few adults. Mr. Lueders then surprised me with the response that he would give me a few [geckos] based on the work I had done and my interest in the area. Shortly afterwards I began my own business "Crested Climbers".

How has being an FBLA member helped you to run your business?

Joshua: Being in FBLA has helped me run my business by equipping me through workshops, allowing me to talk with students in similar positions, and most importantly surrounding me with business-minded individuals.

How has running your business helped you in FBLA?

Joshua: Running my business allows me to apply what I learn at conferences. It also allows me to bring experience to conferences when connecting with other members.

How can FBLA members break into business today?

Joshua: I believe FBLA members can break into business today by drive and showing sincere interest in the area of business. There are many adult business leaders out there that would be willing to mentor you or at least tell you about their business experience.

How do you balance your time between school, FBLA, and your business?

Joshua: Not going to lie it is difficult, but possible. With the many activities I'm involved with in and out of school it is hard to find time to just hang out with friends. The business doesn't require too much time, but I always try to set some time aside. My involvement in FBLA as a local VP and as the Iowa State Parliamentarian brings more responsibilities, but I enjoy being a part of such a great organization.

What are your plans for the future?

Joshua: In FBLA I hope to continue to have the opportunity to get to know the great people involved with this organization, and plan on becoming even more involved. I look at my business as a learning opportunity that I intend to apply to future entrepreneur ideas. I hope to go to college and study business and engineering.”

If you have any questions for Joshua, feel free to email him at bolenjoshua55@gmail.com.

Written by guest Communications Council member Matthew Current from Iowa