10 Tips For Getting Your College Acceptance Letter

1. Push yourself by taking rigorous courses in high school.

2. Study for the ACT and SAT by using free online practice tests, study tools, and prep courses.

3. Don’t sit around all summer -- look for opportunities to grow! Find places to volunteer, apply for internships, and more.

4. Get organized! Make sure you know deadlines for applications as well as scholarships, and write them on a calendar.

5. Have letters of recommendation from at least two teachers you have had. The best people to choose are those you have known the longest or those with whom you have developed good relationships.

6. Create a resume containing all of your activities, community service, and accomplishments from freshman to senior year. Have a teacher proofread it for grammar and proper formatting. If you haven’t started documenting, begin now!

7. Make your essays unique. Make sure the reader gets to know you! Double, triple, and quadruple check it for grammar and accuracy. No activity or accomplishment is too small to mention!

8. Start your applications ASAP. If you apply with plenty of time before the deadline your school has time to notify you of any missing items or issues.

9. Apply for scholarships! There will be some at local businesses, your parents’ companies, and various organizations around your state as well as on websites such as chegg.com.

10. Get involved in extracurricular activities! But don’t stop there -- leadership positions will show dedication and commitment.